Clear Out the Past and Challenge Yourself to Live a More Vibrant, Strategic and Engaging Life!

Australian Success Mastery Phase 1 is widely considered as one of the best-value-for-money and most transformational Personal Growth courses available world-wide!

A unique combination of tools & strategies taken from Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology, Neuroscience & Human Potential help you to...

  • Stop 'just getting by' or 'just coping' and discover true emotional freedom!
  • Assist those close to you to break the shackles of the past and live with true purpose.
  • Gain more control over your Emotional Energy and watch how this improves all areas of your life
  • Use a series of powerful actions to radically improve the results you achieve in life

What is Australian Success Mastery Phase One?

Australian Success Mastery (ASM) Phase One is a cutting-edge, 5 day, totally immersive training and education seminar designed to help participants develop advanced communication skills and tools, enhancing their everyday business performance, personal life and dealings with other people.

It draws from a range of models such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Neuroscience & Peak Performance, creating long-lasting and impactful, positive change.

What is included in Australian Success Mastery Phase One?

  • Develop Deep Connection and Rapport with everyone around you!

    Become a natural people person, becoming a master at developing connection and relationships even with complete strangers, increasing the trust and rapport between you and others in a moment.

  • Unconsciously-Powered Goal Setting

    Imagine being able to set goals using the combined power of your conscious mind and your unconscious mind, that results in you achieving your goals almost effortlessly?

  • Powerfully Influence People with your Verbal Communication.

    Learn to identity a person’s tendencies in order to improve and customise your communication when speaking with each person for maximum impact, using key language patterns shared by some of the most successful leaders and experts.

  • Perform at your best during the most challenging of situations

    Identify areas of your business or personal life that may unconsciously lead you into a negative state and how you can instantly change that by calling upon powerful resources as easily as putting two fingers together!

  • Applying Advanced Hypnosis to Fast Track Results.

    Understanding the power of hypnotic language is not only highly effective in a clinical or therapeutic setting, but it is also a highly sought-after skill by top business leaders to increase their influence in negotiations and selling.

  • Strategies for Success

    Turbo-charge your results by learning to install specific mental processes and sequences for achieving excellence, expediting your ability to learn, to spell and to memorise anything you choose.

Your ASM Phase One Investment By The Numbers

It’s important that you know the full value of Australian Success Mastery Phase One and please understand that this is an honest, good faith estimate of the cost of everything you’ll receive.

Based upon the numbers to the right, this is the non-inflated, up-to-date estimate of Australian Success Mastery Phase One’s overall value.

The above tuition fee is required to secure your seat to Australian Success Mastery Phase One, receiving over $7500 in value and saving over $4500!

Seats are limited so book yours today!

Certification of Conversational Hypnosis2500

Discover the unlimited benefits of using Conversational Hypnosis and Hypnotic Metaphors when speaking to people to increase your influence and persuasion, modeling the language patterns, beliefs and strategies of the world famous Hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson.

Certification of Neuro Linguistic Programming2500

Become a Practitioner of NLP, developing a deep working knowledge of the most efficient practical psychological tools for creating positive change, ranging from overcoming Phobias, creating powerful Anchors, and installing & changing strategies.

Certification in Timeline Transformation2500

Become a Practitioner of Timeline Transformation by learning this remarkable therapy model, based upon the amazing work by world-renowned Psychologist, Fritz Perls, used to create effortless, unconscious changes using a unique combination of transformational language & creative visualisations.

  • Success Booster Pack

    1500_price12 x Expert Audio Hypnotherapy & NLP Programs to radically improve your Health, your Relationships and your Finances.

  • Advanced Hypnosis Script Bundle Pack

    115_priceA collection of 16 x World-Class Advanced Hypnosis Scripts to give you a complete walk-through on how to work with clients for a wide range of challenges, obstacles and problems.

  • Flash Reading™ - Speed Reading Development Program

    97_priceOur Speed Reading Audio Program, “Flash Reading” will show you how to read books faster, retaining and using the information contained within, by using a combination of strategies and hypnosis.

  • 2 x Tickets to Intimate Success™ or Australian Hypnosis Certification™

    3600_priceImagine taking all top secrets to creating a deeply passionate, long-term relationship from the World’s Leading Relationship Experts, and learning these tools and tips over 2.5 days? This is what Intimate Success™ is all about! Australian Hypnosis Certification™ is a 2.5 day course that will give you the unbelievable skill of using Hypnosis on yourself and with others to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce pain and to improve confidence.

  • Partner Ticket to ASM1

    We understand the importance of growth and communication in a Relationship, and Australian Success Academy wants to support you in achieving the most loving and passionate life you can have, by giving you the option to bring your Intimate Partner or an immediate Family member to Australian Success Mastery Phase One for only an additional $500, saving over $2000! Conditions Apply.

What Others Have To Say...

Venue & Dates


Australian Success Mastery Phase One will be held at Tweed Ultima, Tweed Heads, as this is a conveniently located 10 minutes away from Coolangatta Airport.

Tweed Ultima Hotel
20 Stuart St Tweed Heads NSW 2485


Friday 10th - Tuesday 14th March 2017

Saturday 18th - Friday 24th March 2017

Your Options...

For a Limited Time Only

  • q-iconWhat if I book in and I need to change dates?

    If you book in for a specific event, and then you discover that you can no longer attend, as long as you give us 4-6 weeks notice, we are more than happy to re-register you for the next upcoming event.

  • q-iconDoes the Tuition Fee include Food, Accommodation and Travel costs?

    The tuition fee does not include Food, Accommodation or Travel costs. All other costs must be funded by you. Upon registration, we will give you access to our private Facebook Group whereby we recommend a number of hotels and resorts in the local area as well as organising shared accommodation with other participants in order to reduce the accommodation costs down to as low as $50/night whilst staying in 5-star accommodation!

  • q-iconWhat are the session times like? Are they long days?

    Throughout all of our courses, we train to a standard, not a schedule. We have so much value to give you that the days are longer than 9am-5pm, and finish times vary depending on the group and how much extra value the group wants.

    Please do not organise any other activities, including arrival or return flight on any of the scheduled Course days. Book flights for the day before the start and the day after the end of the course.